Potatoes are usually classified by length of growing season. Here we set them out in order, First Earlies have the shortest season, Late Maincrops the longest. You can actually plant them when you want, but you do best to grow them as soon as the climate permits. Not everyone agrees on the classification, but it gives you a good idea of its growing season. The lists below, ordered in August 2019, are expected on Feb 8th 2020. If there are crop failures we will change this webpage as soon as possible.

the underlined varieties have been produced organically

First Early:

Accord, Arran Pilot, CasablancaColleen, Duke of York, Dunluce, Epicure, Foremost, Home Guard, Lady Cristl, Maris BardOrla, Pentland Javelin, Premiere, Red Duke of York, Rocket, Sharpes Express, Swift, Ulster Prince, Winston.

Second Early:

Anya, Bonnie, British Queen, Carlingford, Charlotte, Estima, Kestrel, Marfona, Maris Peer, Nadine, Nicola, Osprey, Piccolo Star, Sarpo Una, Saxon, Shetland Black, Vivaldi, Wilja, Yukon Gold.

Early Maincrop:

Ambo, Amour, Apache, Aura, Bambino, Belle de Fontenay, Carolus, Desiree, GatsbyHighland Burgundy Red, International Kidney, Isle of Jura, Jazzy, King Edward, Linda, Manitou, Maris Piper, Markies, Maxine, Mayan Gold, Mayan Rose, Pentland Dell, Picasso, Pink Gypsy, Ratte, Record, Red Emmalie, Red King Edward, Robinta, Rooster, Salad Blue, Sante, Sarpo Blue Danube, Sarpo Kifli, Setanta, Shepody, Sunset.

Late Maincrop:

Arrran VictoryCara, Congo, Golden Wonder, Kerr's Pink, Pink Fir Apple, Sarpo AxonaSarpo Mira, Valor.


The potato is known botanically as Solanum tuberosum. Apache, Mayan Gold, and Mayan Rose have genes introduced from S. phureja as well. Some say they have shorter cooking times.

We are pleased to include Sarpo varieties. Along with Carolus they are remarkably resistant to blight. Sarpo Mira and Sarpo Axona continue growing after repeated attacks of foliar blight.

Onion Sets

Stuttgart Giant, Red Baron, Sturon, Turbo