Less than a month to go! February 11th is East Anglia Potato Day 2017. The doors will open to you at 9.30am.

The place remains Stonham Barns, Stonham Aspal, Suffolk. IP14 4AT and we are pleased to report that it has become a more comfortable place for our event.

85 potato varieties are still on order.  Ordering is a blunt tool but we try to respond to the way you have bought in past years. We hope to have 25 varieties produced organically. Potatoes are still sold by the tuber. Most will cost 17p each, apart from a few, like Ratte, which have cost us nearly twice as much to source. All seed is certified and comes from Scotland.

Potato Day remains a gardener-oriented event. It has broadened from purely potatoes, and now offers you other seeds, garden tools, and other stalls of interest. Last year we introduced fine mesh to exclude insects like carrot fly and root trainers to give seedlings a good chance before planting out. Both of these products have been rather pricey elsewhere. 2017 will be the third year you can buy onion sets at a good price too.

If you can suggest other things we might supply, get in contact with us.

Some of you who have been coming "down the years" will remember advice being given by Alan Romans, author of the Guide to Potato Varieties. He was indeed the inspiration behind our Potato Day itself. He is retired now and is keen to encourage amateurs like us to get into potato breeding. Read more on the page named Amateur Potato Breeders.

List title

The East Anglia Potato Day
is an annual event that has
been running since 1996.

It is organised and run
entirely by volunteers from
three organic gardening groups:

Norfolk Organic Group
Suffolk Organic Gardeners
Ipswich Organic Gardeners Group.

We offer up to 100 varieties of seed potatoes, which are sold as individual tubers, so that you can buy as many or as few as you require.

We also aim to offer as many
organic varieties as possible,
usually about 25%.